1st March 2014: The volcano project is going well, but it's going to take time. After putting so much effort into it I think the kids would be upset at having to bin it if we made real 'lava', so the Hiubster decided to show them the effects of vinegar plus bicarb in the garden instead. They were amazed!

2nd March 2014: It's World Book Day this week and as part of the celebrations Little Miss E's school are asking pupils to get photographs of themselves partaking in 'extreme reading'. What a lovely idea!

3rd March 2014: Little Mr T was making us laugh this evening before bed.  He was hiding behind these pictures pretending to be Mr Lion and Mr Elephant. It's lovely that he has started to play so imaginatively.

4rd March 2014: We've been going to the Playbarn for years now. Today was the first day Little Mr T dared to go down the twisty slide. This is one proud, happy face!

5th March 2014: New sunglasses and playing outside with no coat on = one happy boy!

6th March 2014: Bit of a poor picture but nice to capture this new addition to the bedtime routine: 5 minutes of superhero antics (everyone knows putting hood of your dressing gown on your head totally transforms you into a superhero with super powers!).

7th March 2014: One proud Mummy today.

8th March 2014: Finally the volcano we started a week and a half ago was dry enough to paint. It's looking good!

9th March: First BBQ of the year, woooooohooooooooo! 17 degrees in sunny Norwich today :-) :-) :-)

10th March 2014:  Stunning Monday morning sunshine. Perfect for a cycle ride.

11th March 2014: That time of year when there's a need for a rainsuit, wellies AND shades. A interesting look!

12th March 2014: My little bookworm who was in this position for over an hour this afternoon after school.

13th March 2014: Playbarn Thursday afternoon fun with the boy.

14th March 2014: Beautiful suncatcher rainbows that we made at playgroup this morning.

15th March 2014: The moment just before I was alomst beheaded by a bridge at Bewildewood!

16th March 2014: The first (and probably last!) celebrity to appear in my photo a day project! What a performance from Russell Brand this evening. Far from just a comedian, Russell put on one hell of a show. Within five minutes he had his leg over the upper circle and squeezed past us on the front row. No doubt if he ever comes back this way we will be seeing him again.

17th March 2014: Another bike ride this morning to blow those Monday morning blues away. Glorious.

18th March 2014: I've finally started to do something about my poor level of fitness. I've embarked on the 'Couch to 5k' programme. I am loving it so much. Half an hour running (and walking!) in the cool air and sunshine plus getting a chance to listen to some music has been bliss. This picture was taken at 8.15am POST run! This is how much I am enjoying this little slither of me time!

19th March 2014: This boy is so cuddly in the mornings!

20th March 2014: Some afternoon park fun.

21st March 2014: A super evening out with delicious food, amazing cocktails and terrific company!

22nd March 2014: Little Mr T has finally taken an interest in his balance bike. He's been on it most of the day. The Hubster joked he's treating it a bit like a mobile seat! I'm so excited to get to the stage when we can go on family bike rides!!

23rd March 2014: Sowing some herb and chilli seeds. I'm determined this year to look after them and reap what we sow!

24th March 2014: First time out on the bikes where Mummy and Daddy have theirs too!

25th March 2014: Visiting a friend by the coast today I couldn't resist a quick whizz along the front with Little Mr T's bike. He loved having so much space and freedom. We even squeezed in a quick stone throwing session before we raced back to school to get Little Miss E.

26th March 2014: A rainy day today. But the bike still got a ride!

27th March 2014: We finally finished these papier mache bowls we started during half term today. So colourful!

28th March 2014: Little Mr T went to a party today. He was SOOOOO excited to get a party bag. I think everyone in our village knew he had a party bag by the end of the day!

29th March 2014: Today we went for our first ever family-of-four bike ride! It was brilliant fun and the children did so well. I just can't wait to do more of this!

30th March 2014: We took the 'mums' out for lunch today at the local veggie restaurant in the village for a Mother's Day treat. Delicious!

31st March 2014: Graceful swan at our local broad.

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