1st January 2014: Little Miss E had her first ever sleepover last night. She was so excited to have her little pal staying over, she was on countdown from Boxing Day. They all had a lovely evening together and I even made it to see the New Year in for the first time in seven years! Little Miss E got so many new games for her birthday and Christmas we had a lovely morning playing them. A game of Jenga developed into a housebuilding session in this photo!

2nd January 2012: Little Mr T had preschool this morning so Little Miss E and I had a rare and precious three hours to ourselves. We made some clay pots from a set she got given for her birthday. We snuggled up and read books.  It was peaceful, calm and just lovely. I can't wait to do more of this in the school holidays when Little Mr T is at nursery.

January 3rd 2014: We went round to a friend's for a play date this morning. When these two get together there is always lots of dressing up fun to be had!

January 4th 2014: Little Miss E got her first set of Lego for her fourth birthday. Until now she has not taken much interest in it. Today she built this Lego Friends treehouse set all by herself following the numbered instructions. She really enjoyed doing it and felt a real sense of pride and achievement when she had finished.

January 5th 2014: It was a beautiful, sunny day this morning so we decided to go out to a local park and make the most of the weather.

January 6th 2014: Little Miss E and I had another morning together today as Little Mr T was at preschool. She got given two scrapbook sets for Christmas/birthday presents which were just perfect gifts for her. We have put together scrapbooks for our last few holidays and she has really enjoyed creating them. As she got two we have decided to use one to show her '6th year' to include events, celebrations and days out, and one for our big holiday in the Summer. We completed the first three pages this morning. We can't wait to fill it with lots more memories and photos.

January 7th 2014:  In the last few months Little Mr T has started to show a real interest in letters and sounds. He seems to notice letter shapes in the most random of places. His food, the clouds, puddles..... Today he was sitting in the car and said 'look Mummy! There's an e for elephant on the roof! It's made of mud. I wonder if Daddy put it there for me?'! His little mind works in the funniest ways! It is a pretty perfect 'e' though. However, I'm afraid I don't think it was mud.....

January 8th 2014: I was woken this morning by Little Mr T hollering 'MUMMY!!!'. I jumped out of bed so fast expecting to find he'd fallen out of bed/been sick/wet the bed. When I got there he just said, 'Mummy I yove you!'. That was all he wanted. The comment just about made up for the fact that it was 5.45am. I told him it was still night time but I'm not sure he actually went back to sleep. He had a busy day at preschool and music class so was exhausted by story time. He snuggled up to me and I stroked his head while Little Miss E did her reading. Very soon he had nodded off. He's three and a half tomorrow but he just seems to have such a baby face when he's a sleep!

 January 9th 2014: All my life I've been one of those annoying people who can eat pretty much whatever they want and do next to no exercise yet not put on weight. People always told me it would catch up on me and they were right. Over the last year I have slowly put on weight and I am now at the stage where a lot of my old clothes don't fit me. I'm not going on 'a diet' as I don't need to lose lots of weight though I am trying to make healthier choices, drink more water, less alcohol and do some exercise. I've had a really good start this week to my new regime and I'm feeling very determined and motivated. I was in the city today and I bought these Teryaki beef salad bites in mooli ribbons from M and S. There were yummy and it reminded me of the all important rule to eating healthily and succeeding: it's got to be colourful and tasty! I'd love to recreate these at home.

January 10th 2014: Friday playgroup has been part of the weekly routine for a while now. Little Mr T is not a big fan of messy play so it was nice to see him getting involved for once AND complying and wearing an apron! Sometimes it's about celebrating the small things!

January 11th 2014: We were informed today that the kids needed to find some spiders for some spider sandwiches so a walk in the woods to find some was planned. The good news is the sun was shining and we took lots of nice photos. The bad news (depending on your opinion of spider sandwiches of course!) is that we didn't find any spiders.

January 12th 2014: Little Miss E learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers back in the Summer holidays. We have been lazy parents about getting out and about with it since and giving her a chance to practice. So today we took her to our local broad and had a cycle. What we didn't realise was that there was a triathlon going on today in our village. We had our own what with Little Miss E cycling, Little Mr T on his scooter and The Hubster and I running to catch up!  What a lovely January weekend we've had. I'm hoping we are going completely escape awful weather this year!

January 13th 2014: It really made me laugh this evening the way Little Mr T was eating his noodles. I really wanted to capture the lip-in-out-pouty thing he had going on to slurp them up (hey, he's three he can get away with it!). A hundred photos later and I still hadn't managed to get it. However, I quite liked this one as it really shows up the unusual brown fleck in his eye.

January 14th 2014: We've been going to our local gymnasium for a while now. Little Mr T is getting great at balancing!

January 15th 2014: Girly catch up at one of our lovely local cafes. Great way to spend a couple of hours.

January 16th 2014: A dolphin, apparently.

January 17th 2014. Little Mr T had his first swimming lesson today. For the last year he's been quite nervous about deep water. I didn't make a big deal leading up to today, but when I told him where we were going he was very excited! He loved his lesson and I was so relived and proud!

January 18th 2014: I went on a photography course today and learned how to use the aperture and shutter settings. I was keen to try out my new skills after in our favourite cocktail bar as we were child free for the day! I can't wait to try out more of this in the great outdoors with the children. I love a photo with a crisp subject and a blurred background. 

January 19th 2014: Keen to try my new skills outside we went for a walk around the village. Most of my photos came out too dark or blurry, ahhh! I need to practice more. Here is one I took on the shutter setting . It's too dark but I just about managed to capture Little Miss E mid-stride.

January 20th 2014: Little Mr T is a boy who loves to sort and count. Counting our pennies was a perfect afternoon activity for him!

January 21st 2014: All my friend's little boys love cars. Having a little brother who was car obsessed, I was quite looking forward to playing with cars. However, so far Little Mr T has shown very little interest. It was lovely today to see him and his little buddy build this road and then 'drive' the cars round.

January 22nd 2014: A couple of months ago we made a rocket at playgroup out of cardboard and tissue paper. Little Mr T has literally spent hours zooming it round. Of course things that are made out of cardboard and paper don't last forever so today we made another one. (Pink and gold were his colours of choice by the way!).

January 23rd 2014: I had some frames arrive today which meant lots of bubble wrap. We are experimenting with a TV free week at the moment so I was very pleased to get some great mileage from this! I had a better photo which was more in focus, but I love the movement and joy in this one.

January 24th 2014: What a lovely way to start the weekend, a meal and drinks at the local pub with some friends.

January 25th 2014. As much as I enjoyed our night out to the pub last night and drinks with friends at our house after,  I wasn't feeling my best Saturday morning. (Cocktails made from Lemoncello and whiskey drunk after consuming a bottle of Prosecco is not recommended!). Luckily The Hubster was feeling fine so leaped out of bed at 6.30am and soon had bundled the kids out for an early morning adventure in the woods. They had a great time and were full of excitement and stories when they got home.

January 26th 2014: Little Miss E has taken a real interest in Greek myths this week as the headteacher has been reading them in assemblies. Today she wanted to go to the library to get some books out. The boys were up for some more outdoor advenures so we went our separate ways for the morning. It turned into a horrible, rainy day so I think we made the better choice! However, hot chocolate in a campervan watching the rain isn't a bad way to spend the morning!

January 27th 2014: We put up a bird feeder a couple of weeks ago. We've literally had two birds in that two weeks visit our garden, but today we got a robin! Such a shame both the kids were at school though and missed it!

January 28th 2014: Baking fun with the boy!

January 29th 2014: I just love these things though, what are they?!

January 30th 2014: Oh good, The Hubster will have someone to lust about watches with soon!

January 31st 2014: This pleased the side of me that loves organisation/colour co-ordinating/storage solutions very much!  *must get out more*!


  1. I shall look forward to checking this on a daily basis. X

  2. NYE sleepover sound such fun and thats the best night to have it as i have heard that not a lot of sleep tends to be had on sleepovers anyway! i love the one f them all dressed up in their princess dresses and the one out at the park is lovely - it is nice to be able to get out after all the horrid weather we have had xz

    1. Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments :-) x

  3. Jane 5th January 2014
    Lovely photos. You've set yourself a good challenge for this year! It will be good to see E and T growing up this year. I'll share them with G G Aunt Mary.

  4. Cute photos of your family, those beef wraps look amazing

  5. Such lovely photos, I love the sleeping photo it is so cute.

  6. we should not need a reason for a 365 as this says it all, to capture the memories forever before they grow up.
    A great start, it is nice to get the older ones on their own as it does not happen too often.
    Naughty birdies, but if they are helping the education then not all bad....lol
    Well done on the bike riding