1st April 2014: Whoop, whoop it's a sandals day!

2nd April 2014: Filthy knees = sign of a good day!

3rd April 2014: Lots of concentrating going on with the purchase of a new Jake and the Neverland pirate colouring book today!!

4th April 2014: Incredibly proud of our clever girly today.

5th April 2014: What a photo, what a lunch!

6th April 2014: Brilliant spa day with a fabulous friend today. Rounded of nicely with an afternoon tea for two,

7th April 2014: This Easter holiday, we have mainly been watching Frozen. The kids absolutely love it (alright, and I do too!). 

8th April 2014: Last minute of the day 'Ah! I haven't taken a photo yet!' moment. Loving this book though. 

9th April 2014: Lovely day out at Pettitts with the children. I was so surprised at what a daredevil Little Mr T was, he went on all the rides and even the rollercoaster. So pleased I have a fellow adrenaline junkie in the family! 

10th April 2014: Today we travelled down to Stansted for our early morning flight to Portugal. The children were sooooooo excited about the hotel room. In fact, they probably would have loved just staying here for 10 nights!

11th April 2014: I decided as it was the afternoon by the time we hit the beach we wouldn't bother with swimsuits. I thought they could just paddle a bit and dig. YEAH RIGHT!! Soggy pants all round.

12th April 2014: We picked up lots of supplies from the fantastic market in town today. The kids helped The Hubster to peel the prawns for tea.

13th April 2014: We had the most fantastic day today at a zoo/water park called Zoomarine. The dolphin show and sealife show were amazing. The pools were brilliant too. 

14th April 2014: I love this picture! 

15th April 2014: I do love this picture as it depicts Little Mr T's grumpy face so well! To be fair on him Daddy had just threw a massive stone into the water which made a huge splash which soaked the poor little fella!

16th April 2014: Mini golf at Villamoura. After a tanrtum filled start, we had a lovely afternoon playing mini golf.

17th April 2014: Today we went on a boat trip to see some sea caves. It was an incredible trip and the caves were simply awesome.

18th April 2014: More beach fun.

19th April 2014: We stumbled across a small village today which had the excellent views of the stunning Ria Formosa. We spent ages sitting watching the hundred of crabs that live here dash in and out of their holes.

20th April 2014: Today it rained all day. We mainly packed. I forgot to take a photo. I'm so disappointed. However, at least it gives me a chance to show of this great picture I took last night of a homemade cocktail!

*** After getting so behind with these daily updates and forgetting twice now to even take a photo, I have decided to carry on with doing the collages only. It will be a collage of the best 7 pictures of that week and not necessarily one from each day. This may avoid pictures of feet/bottles of wine/other last minute random rubbish! ***

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