1st February 2014: Happy children on their scooters.....unfortunately Little Mr T wasn't so happy 5 minutes after this was taken, he had a fall and now has a poorly, scrapped head. Poor little fella!

2nd February 2014: My beautiful girly on the way for some Sunday lunchtime party action!

3rd February 2014: Little Mr T spends about 75% of his playing time doing jigsaws. I can't believe we're six weeks in and this is the first photo! 

4th February 2014: We have a lovely park in our village. We really haven't made the most of it lately, but we had a great time there today. Throwing stones into the water off the bridge has been a popular activity for a couple of years now!

5th February 2014: Little Mr T likes drawing but can get frustrated when his picture doesn't turn out 'right'. He's spent alot of time on this sketcher toy this week. It's great as if you go wrong, you just erase and start again. This is an octopus.

6th February 2014: Little Miss E's friend came round after school today. There was lots of secret, hush-hush activity going on in the living room. Eventually we were allowed in to see their creation. Using our Lego table they had set out the whole of Little Miss E's Lego Friends sets and characters. They had done a marvellous job creating their own little Lego world where the sand was an island, the blue part the sea and so on. So nice to see these Lego sets being 'played' with after being built!

7th February 2014: I got a phone call from school this afternoon asking me collect Little Miss E as she wasn't feeling well. Lots of afternoon snuggles were needed.

8th February 2014: There were thousands of snowdrops on our walk this afternoon to a local wood! Beautiful! I was quite pleased with my dabble in using the aperture setting today :-)

9th February 2014: Keyboard lesson number one! Not quite sure what the raised arm is all about, but she did well.

10th February 2014: Emergency end-of-the-day photo!

11th February 2014: Our first experiment with 'puffy paint'! Mix together self raising flour, salt, food colouring and water. Paint a picture, pop it in the microwave and voila! A puffy paint masterpiece.

12th February 2014: New goggles!

13th February: Playing shops.

14th February 2014: Quite a collection of Valentine's cards this year. Little Miss E got her very first mystery Valentine's card at school!

15th February 2014 : A dragon sculpture made from car wheels, part of the Dragon festival our city is putting on this week.

16th February 2014: The weather has been dreadful this week. The wind has howled and the rain has been torrential. Thousands of  homes are without power and many others are without their homes altogether due to heavy floods in the South. The country is far from being in the clear yet unfortunately, but today was mild, calm and very sunny. We went for our first picnic of the year and a walk. It was just glorious to see and feel the warmth of the sun. We used the good old self timer to get the first photo of the four of us this year.

17th February 2014: Little Miss E's Great Uncle VERY generously has given her his old iPad. What a lucky girl! We had fun this morning playing with all the settings and filters and taking some 'selfies'! Say cheese!

18th February 2014: After a busy morning playing with friends we began to feel an afternoon slump setting in so we headed to the park. The bottom end of the common had been flooded. The kids had a marvellous time wading through the 'river'.

19th February 2014: A lovely day out today with the kids' little pal at Bewildewood. Feeling so lucky to be spending this much time outdoors during a FEBRUARY half term!

20th February 2014: Yay, the first daffodil in our garden opened up today!

21st February 2014: We've spent a few days in the city this week hunting for dragons as part of Norwich Dragon Festival. We went to see 'Dotty the Dragon' at the theatre today which was a great end to a brilliant half term.

22nd February 2014: Remember that daffodil I was was so excited to see on Thursday...........?!

23rd February 2014: Another picnic today, though to windy for an outdoor one. Good job we have this 'second home' on wheels.

24th February 2014: Today we finished off our half term project. Meet BoBo the blue robot!

25th February 2014: A request was put in today to make a volcano. I had a vague recollection of making one out of papier mache in middle school so after a quick Google search we made a start.

26th February 2014:  On Monday we noticed the blossom buds on the trees were looking ready to burst. On Tuesday a few had blossomed. By Wednesday, the street was full of the smells and sights of lots of beautiful blossom! I love Spring!

27th February 2014: Jenga was the game du jour. Little Mr T is actually really good at it!

28th February 2014: Spot of ironing at playgroup this morning. He was a bit unsure what to do with it at first. I wonder why that could be?!

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